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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." – African Proverb

We believe in the wisdom of the crowd, and the power of the many.

We believe that crowdfunding is revolutionising how small private companies can access private investor capital around the world.

In the current system, private companies in frontier and emerging markets are disconnected from traditional sources of financing.

In the current system, private equity investing in emerging markets is restricted to all but the largest financial institutions.

Until now.

Emerging Frontiers will level the playing field for companies and investors operating in the most promising markets for the next generation.

We will harness the powerful trends of crowdfunding, social networks, impact investing and funds management within one innovative platform.

The revolution is here. The revolution is now.

Join us.

About Us

Emerging Frontiers

Emerging Frontiers is a crowd-sourced provider of financial news and analysis for the world’s frontier and emerging markets. The site satisfies growing demand for a consolidated provider of news and market data for frontier countries, and is creating an ‘expert network’ that will provide unparalleled insight into the world’s fastest growing economies.


Pathfinder Capital is an investment management company that was established in 2013 and aims to provide investors with access to high-growth opportunities in the world’s most challenging and rewarding environments. The firm’s principals created Pathfinder in response to market demand for a highly flexible investment management firm that creates opportunities off the beaten path. Our investment thesis is built upon three distinctive trends that we believe will shape our world in coming years: Opportunities in Frontier Markets, Technological Disruption of Financial Services and Monetary Systems, and The Rise of Crowdfinance.

Coming Soon

Pathfinder and Emerging Frontiers will jointly manage a platform that redefines the market for private investment opportunities in Frontier and Emerging Markets. Through the merging of crowdfinance, impact investing and private equity their combined efforts will provide Main Street with the same opportunities that have always been available to Wall Street.