About Us

EmergingFrontiers.com is the first website dedicated solely to the Emerging and Frontier public and private equity and professional services markets.

Emerging Frontiers is a sophisticated investor website acting as a bridge between companies operating in developing markets and a broad-based investor group, both buy and sell side, seeking to do business in such countries. As you are aware, the dynamic growth stories of today are in the developing world, yet we believe these countries don’t receive the coverage they deserve.

Hence, we identified the opportunity to service this niche. By helping to “close this information gap” we believe we can not only help to increase transparency and understanding of these markets, but also put investment opportunities in front of our active and expanding readership.

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The Emerging Frontiers team lives full-time in frontier and emerging market countries. Team members are currently located in Cambodia, Slovenia, Thailand, Uruguay, Myanmar, New Zealand, and Mongolia, while our associates are also based in the financial hubs of London, Hong Kong, New York and Singapore.

We look forward to engaging with you as EmergingFrontiers.com continues to grow and evolve.