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ADB confident about Myanmar’s economic growth 0

Chairman of Leopard Capital (Marc Faber) is seeking to raise $150 million for two Myanmar-focused funds.Source: Channel NewsAsia

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Wednesday remained bullish on Myanmar’s economic prospects as it believes the country will achieve 6.8 per cent growth in fiscal 2014 compared to 5.5 per cent last year.

The boost will be fuelled by strong export earnings from resources such as gas, hydropower and the boom in tourism. More…

Facing challenges, Burma seeks extractive sector transparency by 2016 0

An aerial view of the Letpadaung copper mine project near Monywa in Sagaing DivisionSource: The Irrawaddy

Resource-rich Burma has completed two of four steps in its bid to apply for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative candidature, but the murky legal environment in which civil society groups exist is posing challenges as the government strives to meet the third requirement. More…

Mongolia’s economic fairytale faces reality check 0

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By Peter Thal Larsen

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Mongolia’s fairytale economic boom is developing cracks. The failure of the country’s fifth-largest bank and delays to the development of its giant copper mine underscores fears that its growth potential is built on shaky foundations. Yet greater economic realism may ultimately be welcome. More…

Haiti – Economy : Towards the establishment of a PetroCaribe Economic Zone (PEZ) 0

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Saturday, at the end of VIII Petrocaribe Summit, held in Managua (Nicaragua), 28 and 29 June, the Heads of State and Government of more than a dozen countries, members of the Venezuela’s Petrocaribe oil alliance, agreed to focus their efforts on strengthening exchanges in regional transportation, communication, agriculture, tourism and social service projects. The trade agreement is not entered in the details and no change in the existing oil agreements Petrocaribe was formally discussed.


Haiti’s Mineral Fortune: Deliverance from Destitution? 0

HaitiReposted from National Geographic
By Saleem Ali

Haiti — the poorest country in the Western hemisphere has been struck by natural misfortunes and malevolent foreign intervention for decades. As the first independent nation to emerge from resettled African slaves in 1804, Haiti held much promise at its inception. Yet the nascent Haitian state was beset by marginalization from its neighbors, particularly the United States. The American government did not even recognize Haiti until 1861 for fear that the slave rebellion against the French colonial masters that created the country might inspire similar upheaval in the Southern plantations. However, as America and the rest of the Hemisphere finally embraced civil rights in the twentieth century, Haiti became a major locus of interest for investment and development. During the Cold War, Western nations supported despotic elites to serve their own interests in the region but in recent years, there has been a more genuine commitment to helping Haiti climb its way out of poverty. More…

Working group to focus on sustainability of natural resources 0

The Laos government encourages the natural resource and environmental sectors to work closely with development partners.

The Laos government encourages the natural resource and environmental sectors to work closely with development partners.

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To manage natural resources and protect the environment, the government is encouraging the natural resource and environmental sectors to work closely with relevant groups and development partners. Representatives from civil, social, government organisations and development partners gathered in Vientiane on Friday to discuss the achievements and work plan of the natural resource and environment sectors as well as challenges and recommendations to be implemented within the sector. More…

World Bank Cuts Growth Forecast for Mongolia as Exports Slow 0

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By By Michael Kohn

The World Bank lowered its forecast for Mongolia’s economic expansion this year on falling exports and foreign investments, and said the government needs to better manage spending.

Mongolia’s gross domestic product may rise 13 percent this year, compared with a previous forecast of 16.2 percent, the World Bank said in a press statement. The government’s fiscal deficit jumped to 8.4 percent of GDP last year, a 13-year record, it said. More…

Not out of the woods 0

Myanmar certainly deserves credit for beginning an impressive process of transformation

Myanmar certainly deserves credit for beginning an impressive process of transformation

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By Shada Islam

FOR some it’s the new El Dorado. Foreign investors are lining up to do business in Myanmar, a once-pariah nation which only a couple of years ago was almost as isolated as North Korea today. More…

Mongolia: The cutting edge of capitalism? 0

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Is Mongolia at the cutting edge of capitalism? Click here for video/radio.

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The riches under Mongolia’s Turquoise Hill 0

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By Justin Rowlatt

Beneath the Gobi desert lie enormous reserves of gold, silver and copper – but exploiting them is proving to be a tricky balancing act for the Mongolian authorities.

I am sure he would blush at the suggestion, but Samand Sanjdorj is quite possibly the most influential Mongolian since Genghis Khan. More…